Blue Cross takes aim at 'well-being'

On Jan. 1, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan plans to roll out a new virtual well-being program to complement its online wellness and health education programs. more


Gilead to launch generic versions of hepatitis C drugs

Gilead will sell the new chronic hepatitis C generics for a list price of $24,000 come January 2019, representing a significant discount compared to the price for its branded alternatives that can run up to nearly $100,000 for a full course of... more


WeWork to open collaboration spaces for cancer research

The fast-growing coworking startup said that it will create "collaboration hubs" in Manhattan, Boston and San Francisco that will include office space. The goal is to encourage information-sharing that could lead to better treatments. more


Trump proposes considering public benefit use in immigration applications

Hundreds of thousands of low-income children and other members of low-income legal immigrant families could drop out of public programs providing healthcare, nutrition and housing assistance due to a controversial proposed Trump administration rule. more


Sen. Capito: States and Congress need to battle opioids together

We understand that it is going to take a coordinated, all-hands-on-deck, community-focused effort to fight the opioid epidemic. And while our local leaders are at the forefront of that fight, Congress is by no means taking a back seat. more


Instagram drug hashtags steer app users to opioid treatment info

Instagram has begun using some drug-related hashtags, such as "opioid" and "uppers," to steer users of the app to information about opioid treatment and recovery. more


Week Ahead: Data-blocking proposal under final review

The Office of Management and Budget is taking a look at a proposed rule aiming to end the practice of data-blocking. more


The internet of things extends healthcare into the home

Now that devices like blood pressure cuffs and scales are connected to the internet, patients can send their medical measurements directly to health systems, whose care teams monitor the patients' well-being. more


Could deep-red Miss. expand Medicaid? 2019 will tell

A Mississippi state senator has introduced a bill to expand Medicaid every year since Obamacare went into effect, but so far it's been off the table. The 2019 governor's race could change the picture. more


The internet of things could pose a security risk for health systems

Connected devices are a boon to patients but only if they're impermeable to hackers. more