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Effective Management of GI Ostomies in the Post-Acute Setting

  •   Webinar
  •   10/17/2017
  •   Myra Varnado, BS, RN, CWOCN

*This education session is approved for one (1) contact hour of Continuing Education for Nursing 

Wound Care continues to be an area of clinical focus in the Post-Acute Care setting.  Managing patients with GI ostomies (colostomies and ileostomies) is a challenge in the post-acute setting. These procedures have high 30-day readmission rates and post-acute staff often have limited knowledge on managing this patient population.

Register today to learn how to effectively treat these wound patients, and earn a CE for Nursing!


How can Hospice and Medicaid Waiver Co-Exist?

  •   Webinar
  •   9/28/2017
  •   Katie Wehri, CHPC

*This course is approved for one (1) contact hour of Continuing Education for Nursing

With the increase in the dual eligible population, we are seeing an increase in beneficiaries receiving hospice and Medicaid waiver services or home health and Medicaid waiver services.  The regulation requires that a dual eligible beneficiary be able to receive both services concurrently, but there must not be any duplication of services.  If the hospice or home health provider is billing Medicare, the provider must ensure that it is delivering all the services necessary under the Medicare benefit and cannot allow the Medicaid waiver provider to deliver any of these services.  This is causing confusion for hospice and home health providers and the Medicaid waiver provider. 



Cultural Diversity: Being Sensitive to the Ones We Serve

  •   Webinar
  •   9/18/2017
  •   Gilbert Marez, D.Min.

*This webinar is worth one contact hour of Continuing Education for Nursing

Our world is becoming increasingly culturally diverse.  This is not a political statement, but rather a reality that indeed impacts how care is delivered to patients.  In this webinar, presented by the dynamic Dr. Gilbert Marez, you will learn to identify various cultural signs that may increase a clinician’s and support staff’s awareness about concepts and preferences of patients of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  Come learn how to provide true care in a manner that can be appreciated by all people!



Care Pathways for Referral Sources

  •   Webinar
  •   9/14/2017
  •   Melanie Stover, OT, MBA

Clinicians are taught clinical pathways.  They have protocols for visits and treatments.  This structure helps ensure a standard of care and creates repeatable outcome.  Protocols reduce care variation and performance variation resulting in significant improvement in outcomes.  The overall purpose is to improve outcomes by providing a mechanism to coordinate care and reduce fragmentation and ultimately cost.  

What about how we approach our referral cycle?  The best way to help support our sales & marketing representatives is to give them the skills they need to follow a referral generating system to a profit pathway.  This webinar by Melanie Stover will help you improve these skills.


Homecare & Technology Podcast Series - Episode 5

  •   Podcast
  •   9/7/2017
  •   Tripp Matthews, Danielle Pierotti, Ian Juliano, Ann Meehan


In this fifth and final episode of the Homecare & Technology Podcast Series, Tripp Matthews of Curaport and Danielle Pierotti of Elevating HOME are joined by Ann Meehan of AHIMA (the American Health Information Management Association), and Ian Juliano, CEO of Excel Health.  This episode is a look back on the previous elements that have been discussed during this podcast series:  Policy & Compliance, Financial factors, and Quality Data and how they all fit in the Homecare & Technology marriage. 


This discussion goes further, and looks at Technology and its role in Homecare from an Information Governance and Strategic Leadership perspective.  A great encapsulation of this entire series!


This has been a great series, and we are thankful that you have gone on this journey with us!



Homecare & Technology Podcast Series - Episode 4

  •   Podcast
  •   8/31/2017
  •   Tripp Matthews, Danielle Pierotti, Wanda Coley, Michael McGowan


In this fourth episode of the Homecare & Technology Podcast Series, Tripp Matthews of Curaport and Danielle Pierotti of Elevating HOME are joined by Wanda Coley, COO of Well Care Home Health, and Michael McGowan, Founder and President of OperaCare, LLC.  This episode is about Data in the Homecare space.  A big, and important word and topic in all of healthcare today, we discuss the quality of the information and data that is most utilized to run Homecare organizations.  Also, an interesting question on are we looking at the right data when managing our agencies both now and for the future.


Again, this discussion turned to ensuring the data that is collected through technology is done correctly by the humans providing the care and documenting that care. 


This is a great series, and we are happy to have you on this journey with us!