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Compliance Series, Part 3: Care Planning for HHGM & VBP Success

  •   Webinar
  •   12/6/2017
  •   Kristi Bajer, RN, MSN

 The Penalty Box is our new monthly webinar series on the latest compliance and regulatory issues facing home health. This series is produced in partnership with OperaCare, a software and services company that focuses automating the quality assurance process for home health. 

 How are you generating your plan of care?  Do you know the interventions and goals you are using are effective?  Is it taking you 2-3 days to create it.  In the proposed 30-day episode, we cannot wait until 25% of our episode is over to initiate our care. Get educated today!



Proposed Home Health PPS Rule 2018 - Part 3

  •   Webinar
  •   10/3/2017
  •   John Reisinger, CPA

This final session of this Home Health PPS Rule 2018 series focuses on the changes that will financially impact the industry at the agency level as compared to the projected impact to the industry as a whole that CMS identifies (-0.4%).  Important statistic:  at least one CBSA for 2018 is looking at a reduction of at least 16% for all 918 payment rates, and 218 CBSAs are looking at average payment reductions greater than the -0.4% projected by CMS.  Do you know what this change will be for your agency?  Do you want to know?  Then this education session is for you!


Proposed Home Health PPS Rule 2018 - Part 1

  •   Webinar
  •   9/8/2017
  •   John Reisinger, CPA

This webinar series will cover the significant changes from a financial and operational perspective of the Proposed Home Health PPS Rule for 2018.  This first webinar is an overview of the significant changes; especially highlighting significant and potentially unexpected changes.  We will also identify how the CMS projected impact to industry reimbursement is commonly different than what it is for most agencies throughout the industry, and review how interested parties and comment and impact this and other regulations.


Episode 26: Tracey Moorhead of Elevating Home

  •   Podcast
  •   5/16/2017
  •   Tripp Matthews, Tracey Moorhead


Tracey Moorhead, President & CEO of Elevating Home, joined me for a conversation about Elevating Home, the new national advocacy organization for Home & Community Based Services.  This is a very informative discussion about how Elevating Home was formed, WHY it was formed, and what they are going to do in order achieve their mission of making Patient-Centered Care in the Home a fundamental pillar of our national healthcare structure. 


We do learn more about Tracey, and how she got to where she is today, and what the plans are for this group now and in the future. 


It is an ambitious and great thing Tracey and her group aim to do. 




Elevating Home -


Curaport –





Navigating Alternative Payment Models

  •   Webinar
  •   3/29/2017
  •   Mark Sharp, CPA

CMS has made it clear that the current reimbursement models for healthcare delivery is not sustainable and is in the midst of significant change.  What this means for the Post-Acute Care industry is still somewhat murky, but make no mistake – new Alternative Payment Models are coming and will impact your organization.  Home Care providers can play an increasingly pivotal role in post-acute care delivery, however the key to playing this pivotal role is ensuring the entire organization has a clear understanding of what an Alternative Payment Model (APM) is and the risks associated with implementing these models. 


Mark Sharp and Raymond Belles of BKD conducted this educational presentation that will enhance your organization's ability to take a proactive approach to the inevitable reality of new reimbursement models.  Highlights of this session:


  • Understanding the Current Payment Reform Landscape
  • Outline an Alternative Payment Model
  • Identifying the Risk to Post Acute Organizations



Optimal Revenue Cycle Management Redesign

  •   Webinar
  •   10/5/2016
  •   Nick Seabrook

Case Studies in Optimal Revenue Management Cycle Redesign is an empirical look at the results of redesigning your revenue cycle processes.  In today's volatile market, making sure you are manging your internal processes with proficiency will increase your profits and peace of mind.  Elements that will be covered in depth in this session:

  • Revenue Cycle Overview
  • Revenue Cycle Obstacles
  • Revenue Cycle Improvement
  • Case Studies of Success

Nick Seabrook and Craig Mandeville are bright and credible minds in the financial space of Healthcare.  This is a great opportunity to learn from the best!